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Crypto licence upgrade for FG-100E

Hey, guys, Could someone tell me if a LENC-99005 Crypto licence upgrade for FG-100D is compatible with a FortiGate 100E? If not, please give me the reference of the corresponding license for the FortiGate 100E.

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Hmm, I think you're on the right track

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 I've had a bit of experience with FortiGate licenses, and I believe the LENC-99005 Crypto license is specific to the FortiGate 100D. For the FortiGate 100E, consider looking into the appropriate license for that model, like LENC-99006 or a similar code. Double-checking with the Fortinet support team could be super helpful, too. Also, you could try Quantum AI for better trading results. Good luck!

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Regarding your question about the compatibility of the LENC-99005 Crypto license upgrade for the FG-100D with the FortiGate 100E, unfortunately it is not directly compatible. FortiGate 100E requires its own dedicated license, and the LENC-99005 Crypto license upgrade is for the FG-100D.


For FortiGate 100E, you must obtain the appropriate license. I recommend contacting Fortinet Support or your authorized Fortinet reseller for assistance in identifying and obtaining the correct license for your FortiGate 100E.


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