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Creating Dailup IPSec VPN on VDOMS

Grateful if any assistance can be rendered. I have a Fortigate 100F running on fortios 7.0.11.
I currently have the fortigate set to multi-vdom mode with 3 vdoms. (root, vdomA, vdomB). 
I have my 2 WAN interfaces connected to the root vdom, which feeds vdomA(wan1) and vdomB(wan2) with internet. I want to create a dailup ipsec vpn portal for vdomA. Since the WAN interface is on the root vdom, where should this dailup vpn be created (on the root or vdomA)? Also, how will i be able to route the traffic the taffic across vdoms? thanks.  


You would do this on the vdomA. 


You would route traffic to vdomA the same way you are doing it today? I'm only assuming based on your description above that you already have an inter-VDOM link configured...


Or you could place the VPN gateway in VDOM root and route the traffic into VDOM-A (surprise, surprise). Just regard a VDOM as an autonomous Fortigate (except for resources, power off/reset behaviour and inter-VDOM links). The VPN gateway would be the central firewall in front of VDOM-A and VDOM-B. This way, you won't have trouble with the public IP which is needed for IPsec.


I guess at the moment you are not concerned with the public WAN IP, as VDOM root is the management VDOM and thus receiving the FortiGuard updates for all VDOMs.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Hi robert_espi,

I hope below article might help you, if you want to configure ipsec vpn on vdoms which doesn't have direct internet(ISP) connected:


Above article is for site to site VPN, however you can configure Dialup Ipsec VPN by changing the mode and configuration.

And you can configure Ipsec vpn in root vdom or vdomA, its upto your network topology or if you want to segregate the routing/policy configuration from two different vdoms.



Mayur Padma
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Since the WAN interfaces are connected to the root VDOM, you will need to create the dialup IPsec VPN portal in the root VDOM. Once the VPN is created, you can configure the routing to allow traffic from the VPN to reach VDOMA. If you are an MBA student who has to write an essay but cannot think of a suitable topic, you may visit this website This website has MBA thesis topics 2023, which will assist you in writing your essay, as well as other subjects that will assist you in completing your essay assignment.


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