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Hi, I got a block of public ips with 2 usable ips. I wanted to add the first ip out of the block for department A on wan1 port. And the second ip on wan2 for department B. I have no trouble adding the first ip for department A. When I'm adding the se...
Hi, Grateful if any assistance can be rendered. I have a Fortigate 100F running on fortios 7.0.11.I currently have the fortigate set to multi-vdom mode with 3 vdoms. (root, vdomA, vdomB). I have my 2 WAN interfaces connected to the root vdom, which f...
Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help.I have Site to Site VPN established between two sites. Site A and Site B.Site A IPSec VPN Subnet - | Site B Local LAN Subnet want Site A IPsec VPN Clients to access resources hosted on ...