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Change default fortilink interface to WAN interface

Hello Guys,


i've a fortigate 40F and i need to configure an additional wan (wan1 is already used and working), due to the lack of available ports, i'm wondering if i can change the default fortilink interfaces to a WAN interfaces and use it.

What i have to do is to change the addressing mode from "dedicated to fortiSwitch" to "manual" and change the role to WAN?

Will it work?

In the image below what the A interface in the member interface refers to? Could i use it as a standard physical interface?


Any tips  wolud be really appreciated







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As you can see, fortilink interface is a bundle/agg ( 802.3ad ) of other interfaces ( a and b if i recall correctly ).

You can remove interface a from it and use that, then delete the fortilink interface if you dont need it. In the IP field you can put, and the role is not that important, it just enables certain options for the interface.

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Hi @funkylicious,

thanks for the reply.

Removing "a" interface from fortilink will make it available as a standard port?

Deleting fortilink is mandatory and can be done via gui?


Removing it, yes it makes available for any use.

The deletion of fortilink can be done also from CLI.

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Not sure if removing fortilink is doable via GUI. At least with CLI, you need to 1) change the NTP config not to serve to fortilink interface, 2) remove DHCP server config on fortilink, then 3) remove fortilink interface.


<edit>Probably doable via GUI if you take the same steps above.</edit>



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For the moment the thing I am most interested in is configuring the interface as a "classic" interface, then if it works, I will think about deleting the fortilink in the future.
At the moment I am interested in making the port with the "a" interface as a normal data port to be used as a secondary wan.

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