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6.2.3 IPSENGINE crashing

Hi Everyone


I've had a support ticket open for the last week trying to track down a plethora of issues with IPSENGINE since upgrading from 6.0.8 to 6.0.9 resulting in chrome users getting SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR messages popping up and pages not loading, the 'fix' for this was to change to Proxy mode however this caused wad and ipsengine crashing at regular intervals.


The next fix was to upgrade to 6.2.3 with the latest IPSENGINE package being put on it to version 52 but still getting crashing on sites such as and


I have experienced the same kind of teething problems 10+ years ago with products struggling to keep pace with global progress and changes in standards however i'm struggling to understand how a relatively vanilla Fortigate 100F with 400 users behind it accessing what I would consider to be normal web content with TLS 1.2 can cause such instability across a wide range of firmware.


Sure, we're doing SSL Decryption and scanning for our users which adds to the complexity as we can't just forward the TCP session through untouched but this is something the hardware and firmware is supposed to support.


Am I the only person with a 100F series having trouble with IPSENGINE in Flow mode and WAD in proxy mode doing SSL Inspection?



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