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subnet overlapping with a loopback interface in BGP multihop scenario

I am trying to use a loopback interface for /24 advertised to multiple ISP’s over BGP and the break down the  /24 to different vlan’s. It works fine if I use a physical interface for that /24 but not if it’s a loopback interface.  the loopback interface response to ping from the fortinet of the full /24 range.

I wonder if this limitation of the loopback interface or a bug?


Firmware = 7.2.7 

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Hi Joele,


What happens when you do a 

get router info bgp neighbors x.x.x.x advertised-routes 



Other way you might approach this is removing the network segment from the loopback and just create on the config networks in bgp the /24 but insert this in the bgp config

set network-import-check disable


This will announce the network even if you don't have it internally in your routing table as connected for example





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