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ssl vpn login

is there any time limit for ssl-vpn email 2nd factor authentication?

eg. i enable email OTP for user, how much time does the system need to accept the token password before the login is expired?

i enabled email OTP for one external user that is overseas, by the time he accept the email OTP. 

he encounter permission denied -455 error.

can i extend the duration limit for users to enter their OTP password ?

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You can set this up as a global setting. The below commands will change it from the default of 60seconds to 120seconds.


config system global

two-factor-ftk-expiry 120 << This is for the physical token two-factor-ftm-expiry 120 << This is for the mobile token

two-factor-sms-expiry 120 << This is for the sms token two-factor-email-expiry 120 << This is for the email token


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will try that out

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Routing two lans with FortGate


We have a new Fortigate 600D, we try to use the old Fortigate 200B like a router between two lans :


the first lan ( has access to internet and second one ( is used for production.


port 11 : LAN (ip :


port 15 : LAN  (ip :


I can ping from a workstation in LAN (ip : , mask :, GW to the second lan. but the ping is interrupted periodic for 3 or 4 seconds and then ping continue.


My question is why the ping in interrupted.



I need your help.

Thanks in advance




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Please do not hijack a post looking for answers. Your question is not remotely similar to that of the OP, so your question may never get the exposure your are looking for. Please just open a new post and make your request.

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

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