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social media athentication thru FAC

Dear FortiExpert,


Anyone here had a successful implem or played around  FAC social media authentication?

Had a recent deployment coupled of FGs and APs. The customer wanted to maximize the functionalities of those devices till the discussion go beyond. At first, using email address as captive portal is the main requirement, FG and AP were able to addressed the requirement. Now they wanted to limit or define time for each wifi users at the very least 30 mins of web access. Looking at the docs seems nowhere to find similar information related to email add with time settings.

Based on my initial assessment FAC could deliver such requirement and offers more granularity in terms of portals and authentication. 

I bumped this settings Under  FAC Authentiction>Portal>Policies>Identity Sources>Social Users. I enable FB option and  I stumbled on the message (please select an OAuth server) that I need to supply. I attached as well some of my settings for reference.


Anyone could help correction info that I need to supply?Social Media.jpgAuth Type.jpg



Hey R_F,

you can simply select 'email' in the social users list to allow users to sign up with email (and create temporary accounts).

There are options to integrate with Social Media like LinkedIn or Facebook, where you essentially set up an OAuth application that ties into FortiAuthenticator, so users can authenticate with their Facebook/LinkedIn/other account, but this is not what you're looking for, correct?

If you do want to go the OAuth route, you would have to create an OAuth server entry under Remote Servers in FortiAuthenticator, and an application entry in Facebook/LinkedIn/etc that FortiAuthenticator can then interact with.

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Dear @Debbie_FTNT ,

My objective here is to authenticate my wireless users through the social media accounts such FB, linkedin and etc and grant them internet access for around 30-60 mins . 



Hey R_F,


Please see the following kb article for authentication through social media accounts.


Let us know if you need any further help.


Waqas Arshad
New Contributor

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