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slow processing of rules by API after updating to 6.2.6



After upgrading from 6.2.4 to 6.2.6, I see much slower processing of API queries. Can anyone confirm this?

I don't know exactly what the time differences are, but it has clearly slowed down.


it takes about 5 seconds to process 35 rules.

for and in $ (seq 1..35); down
   python3 get firewall / policy / $ i --vdom root


this may not be the best example, but it should illustrate the problem.

Generally my script doesn't log in every time as above, anyway, queries take much longer after updating to v6.2.6


Someone noticed a similar problem after the update?

Thanks in advance


v6.2.7 is out.  Maybe a fix?

-DDSkier FCNSA, FCNSP FortiGate 400D, (2) 200D, (12) 100D, (2) 60D

-DDSkier FCNSA, FCNSP FortiGate 400D, (2) 200D, (12) 100D, (2) 60D
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I also hoped that in version 6.2.7 something about it was fixed, but unfortunately I'm just after the update and no improvement. Rule processing is still slow

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So how long was it b4 the upgrade  ? FWIW  5sec is not turtle slow  but also not hare fast ;)


Ken Felix




PCNSE NSE StrongSwan
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As I wrote above. I don't have exact results here, but it clearly shows. I have a few scripts that run via API and there is a big difference after an update. I even had to increase the timeout in the scripts for the completion of the API operation

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