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Hello, After upgrading from 6.2.4 to 6.2.6, I see much slower processing of API queries. Can anyone confirm this?I don't know exactly what the time differences are, but it has clearly slowed down. it takes about 5 seconds to process 35 rules.for and ...
Hello, I have encrypted backup configuration and I know the password. I would like to decode only the configuration file to check some settings - is it possible without uploading the configuration on the device? From what I have found that the file i...
Hello, you can confirm problem with email alert? When fortigate send alert e-mail I have got mail with empty subject. This problem occur firmware only 5.0.5. Where to report such errors?
Hello all, Please help me, After log in to my new fortigate 40c, I don' t see the option to enable VDOM as it describes the documentation system>dashboard>status (System information) please clue how to turn on vdoms on my fortigate 40c best regards
I have a problem after upgrading to version 5.0.3 does not have the ability to generate reports. Whether this version does not have this option?