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FortiOS 6.2.7 is out. Anyone brave enough to try it out? Is the 6.2.x branch finally stable enough to upgrade from 6.0.11?
We have just jumped from 5.6.9 to 6.0.5 and noticed an interesting change on the firewall policy edit screen. It shows the ID, Active Sessions, Total Bytes, and Current Bandwidth of that policy. I liked it at first and now I feel it takes up to much ...
I have been asked by upper management to utilize SMB Modem business solutions from AT&T and Comcast for our backup lines at our various sites. I get everything working with statically assigned IPv4 addresses, however, they do not offer static IPv6 ad...
We are considering moving over from the traditional link failover method to using the SD-Wan features of FortiOS 5.6. It can get a complicated when you start throwing in redundant WAN interfaces, redundant IPSEC VPN Tunnels, eBGP, IPv6, etc. So hopef...
We are using "SSL Certificate Inspection" to ensure that webfiltering works on https website. (Not Deep Inspection) Unfortunately, we appear to have run into an issue accessing the "" website that appears to be related the the SSL C...
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