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restrict specific IP to access WAN interface+port?

hi all,

wanna ask a dumb question about limiting access from internet.


i have a fortigate 200D acting as edge between internet and private network.

the WAN interface on 200D got some ports open (for quick access, i know it's not safe) that maps to private network's IP and ports.

for example, ip address is the public IP on 200D's WAN and VIP object has been opened to the internet to allow FTP access.


my target is to allow specific IPs from internet to access (and block the remaining).

just check the 200D admin webpage but not sure about which place is correct to set the white/black list, as shown in figure below.


so...I would like to know

1.which object/item/rule should I utilize on the admin webpage to achieve my need?

2. should i set the object/item/rule base on the VDOM?

can anyone provide some hints?



b.t.w. the fw version is 5.0 on this 200D

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When you say you have ports forwarded (like 2345) for FTP access, I assume you're talking about Virtual IPs (VIPs) that you have used in a firewall policy from WAN to LAN?  If you want to limit access, you simply modify the source address in that firewall policy so that instead of "all" it is the addresses you specify.  You may need to create multiple address objects and put them in a group, but that's easy enough.

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You need to set up VIP under IPV4 policy and where external IP should map to real IP of FTP server with port number.Please follow below link 


Regards ,



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hey guys thanks for answering my dumb question~~!


frankly speaking, 

i'm talking about WAN VIP address mapping to private network FTP service,

and allow specific internet IPs to access for FTP files.

that's it.

(note that the ip addresses and ports described above are just for demonstration. I would like to apply same principle to restrict access on other types of services which are mapped to virtual IP too.)


I'm going to try the settings that you've just provided.

thanks you so much!!

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if that was the correct answer please flag it as such


also version 5.0 is very old, please upgrade when you can.


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