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moving sub-interfaces to another physical port - effects on firewall policy

When trying to move sub-interfaces from one physical port to another, my policy package in FMG throws errors... Seems like I have to manually update every policy. Is there a way to get the policy to track the changes and auto-correct itself ? 




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Hi Don,


When I've tried to do it locally on FG, I can't move the subinterface (vlan) from one physical port to another one, it prompts an error. Anyway if you've managed to do that and want to mantain the policies, I suggest you move the interface to a Zone, and apply the policies to the Zone, that way you won't have to modify policies



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My thought was running these CLI scripts from FMG:


1) Policy Package - Replace vlan interface with "any". Must install the policy because all subsequent configs will fail.

2) Device Database - In the VLAN interface, unset the existing physical port, then set the new port.

3) Device Database - Add the vlan interface to a new zone.

4) Policy Package - Change the policies from 'any' to the new zone.


STEP 2 Fails with the following message, so I'm kinda stumped.

"VLAN ID, VLAN protocol, or physical interface cannot be changed once a VLAN has been created."


Yeap...that's exactly what happens when trying to move the vlan to a different far as I understand, there's no way to move the interface (even locally on the FortiGate), it has to be recreated in the other port


Or you can brute force it by downloading the config, changing the physical port that it's tied to, then upload the config back. Requires a reboot.

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