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I'm looking for some best practices for setting the 'starting default' wired switchport vlans when deploying NAC. What is reccommended for each of these cases ?a) dead end VLAN with zero access ?b) guest network VLAN that denies access to any corpora...
Seeking a Fortinet solution to replace our Umbrella DNS Advantage for remote users. The goal is to enforce DNS filtering for all remote users, regardless of whether or not they are on/off VPN. Forticlient doesn't support the DNS filtering profile (on...
For my FortiCloud subscriptions (FAZ, FMG, Sandbox, EMS) - Our compliance team needs documentation that our data is kept in US datacenters only. How is this handled and is there any documentation that proves it ? Thanks, Don
When trying to move sub-interfaces from one physical port to another, my policy package in FMG throws errors... Seems like I have to manually update every policy. Is there a way to get the policy to track the changes and auto-correct itself ? Thanks,...
Let's say my environment consists of 1 spoke and two hubs. All sites have at least 1 ISP. There is an MPLS link between each spoke and the hub, no MPLS between spokes.Spokes will route through the Hub via MPLS via OSPF to reach each other.If an MPLS ...
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