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move configuration of an interface to another interface


currently I'm using port2 as my LAN interface.. But to get the benefit of the higher speed I want to use X1 port as my LAN interface.

Is there a way to move/migrate the configuration to the new port without having to start from scratch?





The easiest way is to download the entire config, search&replace all "port2" to "X1", then upload the modified config file. Be aware that it would reboot at that time.


Of course, don't replace the physical "port2" config.


Thank you :)


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There are caveats with this. I just finished moving my access from an interface port to a trunk port to get the same increased bandwidth. Before I could move any policies, I had to move the address entities. Can't do that because they're being used in policies... So I:

1) Created duplicate address entities with "- VLAN" on the end

2) Trunked the VLAN to the trunk port

3) Amended the policies to the new trunk VLAN and the new address entity

4) Cleaned out the old address entities

5) Renamed the new to what the old were


Took some time, but aside from the short move over time, there was no reboot involved.


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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

using zones instead of actual interfaces helps a lot to prevent having to do a lot of such renaming / moving.

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