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Hello... I have a FortiGate 600E device... In the current design there is one internal interface that connects all internal vlans to the firewall:(10 users vlans, 1 guests WIFI vlan, 1 Servers Farm vlan)... This connection comes directly from a Cisco...
Hello...I used to have one WAN line that handles all the traffic to outside... Recently I added another 2 lines which I combined as an SD-wan interface, and when trying to configure static route I got the message:"you cannot have duplicate routes on ...
HelloI have two fortigate devices 500E and 600E ... I know in this case that I can't benefit from HA..So right now I'm just using 600E in my production network.Is there any way that I can get the most of these devices together ? Thanks
Hello...currently I'm using port2 as my LAN interface.. But to get the benefit of the higher speed I want to use X1 port as my LAN interface.Is there a way to move/migrate the configuration to the new port without having to start from scratch? Thanks
HelloI'm testing this recipe for blocking facebook: did the exact steps, but it ends up with "your connection is not secure" for all sites!! Any help please!!
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