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global policy package assignation to custom policy package in a ADOM


When assigning a global policy package to an ADOM, and when creating a new policy package in this ADOM, do I have to assign the global policy to this new package or it is applied by default?

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By default, when you assign a global PP to an ADOM, it is then applied to all policy packages in that target ADOM.


Inside, the ADOM you may need to enable the display options for header and footer policies, which will display the global PP rules that are being applied.


There is a way during global PP assignment to exclude certain ADOMs from receiving the global rules. I requested a new feature that allows you to select which ADOMs to include, rather then exclude. FWIW.


Thank you for your great reply.


Let me add to what ergotherego has said. 


If global policy has already been assigned to one ADOM and afterward you a new Policy Package in that ADOM, Global header and footer policy will be assigned automatically to that new policy package as well.  No additional activity is required at the Global ADOM level.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

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