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Is there an Ansible module that lets you pull down the entire running configuration, versus just certain facts? Previously there was such a module called "fortios_config_module" but it appears to be missing from the current collection. https://docs.a...
I noticed the API does not support the creation or issuance of new SSL certificates. Does anyone know if that feature is coming in the future? We have numerous internal domains we use. And on top of that, we often use site codes as the sub-domain and...
I have a FGT 200D running 6.0 and have used the 'set management-ip' command there to specify a local (non-syncd) IP address so that each unit in the cluster can be directly managed/monitored. Just got a new FGT 600E and am unable to apply the same co...
Wanted to share some things I learned while troubleshooting another domain join issue. In my case, I upgraded my FAC HA LB cluster from 5.4.1 > 6.0.3 and afterwards the secondary/slave unit would not re-join 1 of my domains. The master re-joined all ...
If you are having trouble joining your FAC to your domain, the service account may need elevated permissions. If you are not comfortable just making it a Domain Administrator temporarily, I was able to confirm this list of permissions as being necess...