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Hello all,please help,after restart of my foritgate 200D for power lost, the FW cannot reach Internet and cannot ping the internet router.What can I do please? emergency situation, please help.
Hello,Please, is FGFM keepalive message interval configured on fortigate or fortimanager and the keepalive message is sent by fortimanager or fortigate or both?Thank you for your support!
Hello,Please, I want to know if there are some differences between the install wizard used to install configs on managed devices and the install config (in the config status pane). Thank you for your support!
Hello,When assigning a global policy package to an ADOM, and when creating a new policy package in this ADOM, do I have to assign the global policy to this new package or it is applied by default?Thank you for your reply!
How can I format flash disk on fortios 5.4?Thanks