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fortiproxy Image Analyzer blocked images

HI all,


In FPX 2.0.2, i can't see any option for Image Analyzer blocked images setting and saving block images option. Is there any required step to enable it? Thanks


  • System > Settings > Image Analyzer Blocked Images Setting    [/ul]

    Cache Mode: Rolling

  • Content Analyses > Image Analyses > default[/ul]

     Saving Blocked Images: Enable


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    Hi @ck888 

    Request you to kindly check the below document and it helps you to block the images.


    + Refer the below CLI commands

    Caching blocked images
    You can now cache blocked images on a local RAM disk so that an administrator can review them.
    To manage the blocked-image cache using the CLI:

    1. Specify the maximum size of the blocked-image cache and set the caching mode:
    config system global
    set max-img-cache-size <30-300 MB > (The default is 60 MB.)
    set img-cache-mode {stop | rolling } (The default is rolling.)
    2. Enable the blocked-image cache in the Content Analysis profile:
    config image-analyzer profile
    edit Content_Analysis_profile_name
    set blocked-img-cache {enable | disable} (The default is disable.)




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