FortiProxy provides enterprise-class protection against internet-borne threats and Advanced Web Content Caching
Article Id 196170
Content Analysis is a licensed feature that allows user to detect adult content in real-time.

This service is a real-time analysis of the content passing through the FortiProxy.
Unlike other image analysis tools, this one does not just look for skin tone colors but can detect limbs, body parts, and the position of bodies.
 After adult content is detected, such content can be optionally blocked or reported.

This article describes how to block images using Content Analysis profile.

To use Content Analysis, it is necessary to set up at least one profile and apply it to a policy.
Content Analysis profiles are configured under Content Analyses -> Image Analyses.

1) Create or edit a Content Analysis profile.

Select 'Create New' to open the 'Create Content Analysis' window.

2) After configuring settings in the New Content Analysis Profile window or Edit Content Analysis window and then select 'Apply'.

- Deep SSL Inspection should be used for Image Analysis
- Select a strictness value between 0 and 100. The higher the image score, the more chance of the image being explicit. The challenge with this setting is that if it is set too high, it will block legitimate images. To set it too low, it will allow explicit images through. If the image score is above this setting, the Rating Error Action is taken.
- Apply a AV profile with legacy mode enabled.
# config antivirus profile
    edit "Test"
        set scan-mode legacy
- Legacy is Force 'scanunit' to scan all files.