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SSL vpn newbie questions

Hi guys I'm testing the fortinet SSL vpn. What I would like to do is establish a clientless connection to our Synology. Now, it works but I have some issues:

the Synology web page is working but it is broken (half the page is blank, the DSM desktop is broken). I suspect it is the proxy. How can I solve that?

how can I implement sso authentication? Thanks

Hi @minibo 

Thanks for your post in the forum.

+ As per the update I can see that you are connecting with the SSL VPN web-mode.
+ The web page is coming but not with all complete details.
+ How are you relating the proxy with this ?
+ The implementation of SSO can be done to login to the SSL VPN web-mode.

+ Kindly find the below document to configure the SAML SSO for the SSL VPN users.

+ For the page in the SSL VPN which is not loading completely kindly verify once the HTML code under.

System > Replacement Messages >> SSL VPN login Page

Refer the DOC FYR




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