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failed  test connectivity  between fortigate and fortiauthenticator



I have fortiauthenticator  have a version 6.5.2 and fortigate ( client Radius) have a version 7.0.1


so my work i want that customer   wireless  authenticated by mail through  fortiauthenticator .


So my problem :


failed  test connectivity  between fortigate and fortiauthenticator . ??


despite  they have same secret and forigate can ping to fortiauthenticator 


so please i need a reply and a help from expert fortinet !!


thanks in advance



Dear safwa,


it is unclear WHAT is failing.

What configuration do you have in place? Do you have the RADIUS server config in FortiGate? Do you have the RADIUS policy and RADIUS client set up in FortiAuthenticator?

Have you done a packet capture?

Have you verified there is no network issue between FortiAuthenticator and FortiGate?

What kind of errors are you getting aside from 'Test connectivity' failing?

Have you checked the FortiAuthenticator's RADIUS debug log for any error messages? Are requests even reaching the Authenticator?

You can refer to this guide to verify what configuration you already have in place and what you might be missing:

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Thanks to reply me

you will have all my work 

so please can you check and i wait your reply


thanks in adv

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I send you all my work 

so what do you think ?








Hey safwa,


thanks for sharing the details.

I'm not seeing any RADIUS service config on FortiAuthenticator. As mentioned above, you need a RADIUS client and policy configured on Authenticator. Without those, Authenticator will not accept the connection from FortiGate.


If you have detailed questions or concerns, you might want to open a ticket with Technical Support instead, to get assistance from a dedicated engineer.

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Thanks for your help and your reply 


but it is the same problem !!!!! 


you can see this picture 

 so what's the next trouble to resolve this problem 

Thanks in adv Debbie

i wait your reply

also we have not a contrat  at this moment that allow us open case 

that why i use this forum 


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I wait your help


so next step that i can check 


please Debbie , this problem have more two days ...

i wait your reply




Can you configure radius clients on FortiAuthenticator as explained in

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