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Description This article describes how to avoid issues with an IBGP route being preferred over an EBGP route. Scope FortiGate. Solution If the same route is learned through EBGP and IBGP, the EBGP route is generally activated due to its lower adminis...
Description This article describes how to check the routes configured using the HA reserved management interface on the FortiGate HA setup. Scope FortiGate HA. Solution The HA direct management interface and the route can be configured from the GUI a...
Description This article discusses the possible scenarios where the user is able to see specific packets under the 'diagnose sniffer' output, but it is not possible to see the packet leaving the firewall and no outputs in the 'debug flow trace'. Scop...
Description This article describes the case where it is required to block ICMP requests originating from Firewall to specific destinations/geolocations, FortiGate administrator can use interface-policy along with custom-IPS signature. This article de...
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