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Hello I have access point 221E I want installed in Hotel and this hotel support until 600 user so i need what length distance for coverage ??? i wait from expert Fortinet answer me !! thanks in advance
Hello I want what's type ( reference of access point Fortinet ) supported until 600 user for in a large closed space supports up to 600 users !! so i wait from expert wireless Fortinet reply me !! thanks in advance
Hello I have a fortigate 60f and i have 4 acces point 221e and two access point Huawei 4030d and one access point grand stream.. So i want to know if if fortigate 60 f Can manged access point Huawei and grand stream and it can see these access point ...
Hello I have access point 222E with FP222ETF19004241 . i want to reset this AP but i don't find any button that allow me reset this AP222E so i send two picture that i wait a reply from expert fortinet to answer aboyt reset this AP
Hello I want ask expert fortinet for this problem !! 1) i configure fortiAP221E in a forticloud .. we test the throughput for this access point, we see the throughput w is good 2) while, we try to configure this FortiAP 221E( same access point ) on c...