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diagnose traffictest on a Fortigate 600F with 6.4.14?

Hi all

I used "diagnose traffictest" on Fortigate 60F and 100F (6.4.14) several times without any issues and I found tons of blogs, documentations and thread about those commands.

However, the very same commands do NOT work on a Fortigate 600F (with the same 6.4.14)- it seems that they have a different iperf-version on it or whatever.

I am really struggling to find out how to change the iperf-server IP, the port that should be used and the time it should run...all the commands I was using so far with 60F/100F do not work and I struggle really hard to find documentations.

Anyone an idea?

Try # di traffictest ?
The output on 7.2.6 are as follows:

show Traffic settings show
run Start traffic.
server-intf Server interface.
client-intf Client interface.
port TCP or UDP port number (1 - 65535).
proto 0 for TCP or 1 for UDP (default = 0)


Client upload: # di traffictest run -c <IP_address>

Client download: # di traffictest run -R -c <IP_address> 


For instance, if you use port 5201, then the command are as follows:

di traffictest port

di traffictest run -c <IP_address> -p 5201


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