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best practice to control Fortimail Cloud user license

I am wondering how Fortimail Cloud customers are managing your license count, specially when your mail system allow single user mailbox have multiple email addresses?


For example, we can have same mailbox with following allowed email addresses :



We have already enabled "Recipient Address Verification" via SMTP, but all those addresses are valid recipient. Fortimail Cloud is treating them as different mailboxes. 


We have tried to setup "user alias", but it doesn't seem reduced Fortimail's license count, also it's a lot of work to manage so many email alias trough Fortimail Cloud UI.     Fortimail Cloud Console doesn't allow paste; also REST API seems can not be enabled on Fortimail Cloud.



Thanks for any feedback.









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I am also interested in the topic.


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Same here. I am getting burned up with licensing due to my users having at least 1 alias for their email left over from years or

and it using 2 licenses for that user. Alias creation looks to be a very manual process and will take time, but will it reduce my license count once done?


I'm did it and it worked, it is not using licenses


There are two different cases for Distribution lists and aliases.


1. If the Distribution lists and aliases are configured on FML, when receiving an email to this list, you will find FML expands it into the user members.


e.g. If the alias is expanded to, and, you will find 3 "to" logs to these 3 users each.


In this situation, there will be 3 active mailbox counted, (user1, user2 and user3), and the alias is excluded.


2. If the Distribution lists and aliases are NOT configured on FML, there will NOT be an expansion on FML, and only the distribution/alias address is counted as an active mailbox.


Also you can Configure Automatic Removal of Invalid Quarantine Account:





Hi Alya,


could clarify you affermation: If the Distribution lists and aliases are configured on FML

How you can do this?




Hi Nicolas,


To configure user alias Go to Domain & User > User Alias > User Alias

more information here:




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I have all in Office 365, and configure these "alias" it's very heavy activity when you have more than 200 DL, Groups and so on. Moreover, I cannot sync the active directory with the FML CLOUD.


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