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Hi , I am wondering if anyone with Fortimail instance can help to confirm if you have same problem as our fortimail. We just found if a incoming email has more than 1 particular urls, it will go nuts. Here are two example urls:https://www.google.com/...
I am having a weird problem with a testing FAC instance. It's a VM with private IP It's in a isolated environment and I am using a jumpbox machine to access it. The issue is if I access it by , it's...
I would like to setup FortiAuthenticator and Fortigate to provide McDonald like WIFI access, when you connect, it pop up a disclaim page, and once user clicked "I accept", it grant the user access directly. Is this doable ? I have tried to use Portal...
I am doing some reading about Fortiauthenticator and PEAP in Windows AD environment and I would like to understand how it works. There are some confusing statement from Fortinet. In their NSE training site Secure Access 6.4 :01 LDAP and RADIUS, secti...
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