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authenticate wifi users using captive portal using Azure AD integrated with Fortigate


i'm new to this so bear with me

objective: integrate Azure AD into Fortigate and use the user identities in Azure AD to authenticate them using captive portal setup inside Fortigate when they connect to wifi
i would like to know whether this is possible?
we dont have on prem AD, fortiap or fortiauthenticator, only Azure AD and on prem Foritgate

we have a dedicated AP

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Is there an updated document that explains the config on the fortigate and the config in Azure?  Someone should update the docs..

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We're enhancing our network security by implementing a captive portal authentication system for WiFi users, seamlessly integrated with Azure AD and Fortigate notebooks. This integration streamlines user authentication processes, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access to our network resources. Leveraging Azure AD's robust authentication capabilities in conjunction with Fortigate's advanced security features hoodies, we enhance data protection and control over network access. This solution strengthens our overall cybersecurity posture while facilitating smooth and secure user connectivity.

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This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish as well..  Zoyashah , do you have a step by step guide on implementation?

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