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allow website that is in blocked category

We have web filtering set up for our general users using Fortigate 300C web filtering.  We block by category, but I need to allow 1 site that is being blocked.  In the web filter profile, I enabled URL Filter and added the website, but it still says it is being blocked.  I know it is probably simple, but I cannot find anything telling me how to do this.



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I figured it out, with the help from this post:


Guess, I didn't search the forums enough, didn't realize it was only showing posts from the last 30 days.


Just FYI -

In security profiles, under Advanced, then Web Rating Overrides, I created a new custom category, added the website(s) to that category, then in Web Filter Profile, I set that custom category to allow.  Easy, now that I found out how to do it.


Hi bry9099, I'm glad you were able to figure it out!


FYI, there is also a Cookbook recipe ( and video ( about changing a websites category. 

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Let me know if there's anything you want to see added to the FortiGate Cookbook.