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ZTP, cli pre run, templates and all that stuff.

I have a on-prem Fortimanager and Analyzer - currently working on setting up a poc for a larger enviroment with just Fortigates (no ap or switches).


What I am trying to find, is some kind of description or even av process drawing of the whole ZTP process. That is, I know the base of it, starting with a blue print, attaching my cli-pre run, system template..etc etc.


But it would be nice to get some info on what exactley happens when. For example, in my blueprint I attach a policy set to a device group - so I will of course assume that "place device in group" is run before the policy push. But exactley when is the policy push ? after the cli-templates ? .. and within a cli group, what is the running order ? ..and so on..


Does anyone have any details on the whole process ? 

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