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FortiAP's going offline

We have had multiple AP's drop off the network or stop broadcasting their SSID's. All of them within a month of a fresh install. All managed via the FortiGate firewall, some Fortinet switches, some Cisco switches. Any insight into the possibility of a bad firmware or bad batch of devices?

Models: FP221E

OS v7.4.1 mostly, build 0564 for one specifically.


router login 192.168.l.l
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When did the issue started? Was it after a firmware upgrade or any other configuration change?


after firmware upgrade from 7.4.1.. 

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1: Do you have the AP's on a dedicated VLAN for the CAPWAP/Security Fabric connection?

2: Do you see the AP's get DHCP on tha fabric?
3: The Fabric/CAPWAP relay on working DHCP/NTP - do you have NTP working on the VLAN? What happens if you plug a laptop into an AP port - do you get IP via DHCP and can you ping the FortiGate interface? MAke sure to enable PING on the interface.

4: On the switch, do you see MAC addreses on the VLAN upstream towards the FG?

Jakob Peterhänsel,
IT System Admin,
Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK
Jakob Peterhänsel,IT System Admin,Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK

As a start please refer to FortiAP and FortiOS Compatibility Matrix and make sure you are running the recommended software on both FGT and FortiAP.

Based on your troubleshooting, do the AP reboot, lost power (PoE budget on the SW?), uplink port get disconnected or flapping, SSID is missing or not accepting new connections? Any observed loops or STP convergence on the switches during that time?

- Emirjon
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Hi. i try troubleshooting last 2-3 weeks, but not solved it. i think that's maybe firmware bug. 

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