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Wireless Controller High availability

Dear Team

Kindly guide me on below mention issue:

  1. How to achieve High Availability/Redundancy in Fortinet Wireless Controller(FWC-VM-50)? Total access points are 60.
  2. How much licenses should be required for High availability?
  3. What if primary Wireless Controller goes down, how much time does access point should take to shift to secondary controller?

Kindly share the way out from the above queries

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Hello Team,


As per the following link FWC-VM-50 support only 50 APs.


You would require 2 licenses for FWC for High Availability.


Fortinet’s FortiWLC provides for hitless failover with N+1 redundancy. The optional N+1 redundancy software feature, when implemented, allows a standby N+1 controller in the same
subnet to monitor and seamlessly failover more than one master controller, and are considered to be an N+1 cluster. The standby monitors the availability of all the master
controllers in the cluster by receiving advertisement messages sent by the masters. If advertisements are not received, the standby changes state, assumes the IP address
of the failed master, and takes over operations for the failed master. Because the standby already has a copy of the master’s latest saved configuration, all configured services
continue while the controller switches from standby to active state.




Dear Mohit_S

Thank you for the informative reply.

As there are 60 Access points, so should I need 2 x FWC-VM-50 or 1 x FWC-VM-200 to entertain 60 Access points with High Availability?

As you mentioned 2 licenses for HA, so what if we go with FWC-VM-200? Can I be able to achieve HA with 1 license to entertain 60 AP or I have to go with 2 Licenses?


Muhammad Umer



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