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Wifi-Bridge with FortiWifi as controller in combination with different SSIDs and VLANs



What I have:

  • FortiWifi 40F as Wifi-Controller with
    • different VLANs (internal ID40, voip ID70, mgm ID50, IoT ID100 , guest ID200)
    • different SSIDs (internal, guests, IoT)
    • "internal" SSID is bridged to LAN internal
    • "voip" is only LAN
    • SSIDs "guest" and "IoT" are tunneled with separate Subnets/VLANIDs

What I want: 

Connect small work container to LAN

Idea: FortiAP as LAN-Bridge and Wifi-MESH-AP

  • On FortiAP-site managed Switch (not Forti)
    • with VLAN 40, 50 and 70
    • Switch connected via LAN to ForitAP
  • ForitAP extends SSIDs "guests" and "IoT" (Mesh)
  • Bridged Wifi-connection between FortiWifi and FortiAP (Trunk)
    • tunneling VLANs 40, 50 and 70 for LAN
    • tunneling VLANs 100 and 200 for Wifi
  • Routing and Ffirewall on FortiWifi


Technical consulted says it doesn't work with FW+AP and I need a Layer2-WifiBridge or a second FW.

Both solution have disadvantages:

  • Wifi-Bridge: no extending of existing Wifi
  • second FW: no mesh and more configuration

I cannot/ don't want believe the consultant that Forti cannot do this. I would be very happy and thankful if someone has an idea how to get this working.


PS: It is really a smal office. So I don't have any issues with bandwidth.


Best regards






According to your update, I understand you want to build up a mesh connection between two FortiAPs; please confirm.

If so, please refer to the document below.



Jamal Hussain



thank you for your reply. 

It should be a mesh connection between FortiWifi and FortiAP. And a network bridge for some LAN-Subnets tagged by VLAN.




I know this document, but there is nothing written if it is possible to bridge different Subnets with different VLANs to the NIC of the Leaf-AP. 


Best regards



edit: changed picture and add guest-wifi


Hi @Timh 


I couldn't understand your requirements fully. Could you please provide more details or clarification?


In the meantime, if you're looking to establish a point-to-point wireless mesh network, you can follow the guidance provided in the attached link. This should help you proceed with your networking objectives effectively.




let us know if you need further assistance. 


Kind Regards, 

Bijay Prakash Ghising






Hi Bijay,


that is what I whant. But can you confirm that:

  • wifi access to "guest" and "internal" on both devices (fortiwifi and fortiap)
  • tagged vlan (4,70) on the fortiap lan interface

ist possible then.


best regards,



you can make fortiwifi the wifi client and connect to the fortiap using a bridge ssid: 

fortiwifi as a wifi client: 


from my understanding, you seem to be building a wireless bridge between fortiap and fortiwifi to bridge vlans together. Mesh would not be necessary in this case as there is already a wireless bridge. 

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from your post I understand:

  • FortiAP as Controller
  • FortiWifi as Client
  • Connect them via bridge-wifi
  • Add the SSIDs internal and guest to both wifi-profiles


Can you confirm, that it is possible then:

  • wifi access to "guest" and "internal" on both devices (fortiwifi and fortiap)
  • tagged vlan (4,70) on the fortiap lan interface
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