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Web filtering not running on secondary link

HI Guys, I have a problem at the company I need help with fortigate 300E v2.6.9, I have a cisco router in front of the fortinet the router receives 2 links, this week one of the links was down and the secondary took over, after that fortigate was not filtering the content using web filter, could this be some error communicating with fortiguard? Maybe because the configured SDWAN only has a link between the firewall and the router with the vpns. I've checked the routing rules and haven't found a way for this to happen, does anyone have any suggestions? I checked, routes, policies, objects in addition to the logs, there was access to blocked sites and categories, I don't know what to check.

Thanks for any help


Hi VBSjr,


Thank you for posting to the Fortinet Community Forum.


As per your description I can understand that it was working fine and when your internet traffic switched through secondary link webfilter was not working and even the blocked category website was accessible.


So, I believe the fortiguard connectivity was down when it switched through secondary link.

Diag debug rating should be run to check the connectivity status

Please refer this link:-


And in the webfilter profile in use you must have enabled Allow websites when a rating error occurs which will allow the websites even in blocked category when the fortiguard connectivity is down.


So please check the fortiguard connectivity post which your issue will be resolved.

Please refer the link below:-


Let us know if this helps.



Salon Raj Joshi

Hi Team,

"fortigate was not filtering the content using web filter"

You mean to say fortigate is not able to block any website or web filtering is not working ?

At the time of issue, can you click on security profiles >> web rating overrides> try to create new URL and see if the lookup rating is available or it is showing any other error?


Also, as my colleague mentioned, please share the output of "diag debug rating" and output of 

config system fortiguard

show full


Please keep us posted