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WIFI and Split Tunneling



With OS5.2.2 it is possible to use Splittunneling on the WIFI interface, but can someone tell me how this is working. I thought that it is working the same as the SPlittunneling with the SSLVPN but it is not working.  I would like to configure an AP to tunnel traffic for the servers over the Wifi Tunnel, but internet traffic should go out via a local router. Is this possible !?




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if both FGT as FAP are based on 5.2.x following:


       # config wireless-controller vap
# edit [Name of SSID Profil]
# set split-tunneling enable
# end
       # config wireless-controller wtp-profile
# set split-tunneling-acl-local-ap-subnet enable
# config split-tunneling-acl
# edit [Use a integer example "1"]
# set dest-ip [IPv4 address as subent mask exampel]
# end
# end

This should work...if you are using a FAP with integrated LAN interface like 28C you can bridge or whatever the interface to SSID like:

      # config wireless-controller wtp-profile
      # edit [Name des entsprechenden Profile]
      # config lan
      # set port-mode [offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port-ssid [Name der gewünschten SSID]
      # set port1-mode [offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port1-ssid [if bridge-to-ssid define SSID]
      # set port2-mode [offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port2-ssid [if bridge-to-ssid define SSID]
      # set port3-mode [[offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port3-ssid [if bridge-to-ssid define SSID]
      # set port4-mode [[offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port4-ssid [if bridge-to-ssid define SSID]
      # set port5-mode [offline | bridge-to-wan | bridge-to-ssid | nat-to-wan]
      # set port5-ssid [if bridge-to-ssid define SSID]
      # end
      # set dtls-policy [ dtls-enabled | clear-text]
      # end

Please note for the FAP-14C the ports can not be configured each other which means FAP-14C is using something like a HUB meaning the ports can not be set each other only the overall switch can be configured for one function.

have fun


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