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fgt200b (5.0.7) not sending logs to faz100c (5.2.1)

hello everyone, 2days ago we decided to wipe and update the fortianalyzer to the latest firmware. it went smoothly except that no log transfer between the fortigate box and fortianalyzer is happening. logging was working on the old firmware (faz100c 5.0.1) but at the moment its not, i'm attaching some pictures, hopefully someone will help me out because i really don't want to go back to 5.0.


FG200B (setting) # get status              : enable ips-archive         : enable server              : enc-algorithm       : default localid             : conn-timeout        : 10 monitor-keepalive-period: 5 monitor-failure-retry-period: 5 source-ip           : upload-option       : realtime reliable            : disable

** firmware for fgt showing 5.2 that happen when i right click and add the unregistered device found by the faz. ive tried to manually add the fgt using the wizard and specifying the fgt as 5.0 but nothing changes in the end.



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update: due to the fgt was in active use i didn't had the chance to reboot the device. last night during off time i did reboot the fgt and after the reboot logging started to work for a few minutes, and suddenly stopped again.


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