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VoIP profile is not visible on Firewall rule

Hi All,


Hope you can give some light on the following issue which I'm facing with some fortigates, we have some Fortigates 101F, 100F, 60F and 40F, where after update to OS 7.4.1 we are not able to select VoIP profile on firewall rules, before update it was working fine and VoIP service was ok. This is only happeing on 60F and 40F fortigates, on 100F and 101F we are capable to still using VoIP profile on firewall profiles (this is being used on the IPSEC rules created)


These are the settings we have on fortigates for VoIP:

config system settings
set sip-expectation enable
set sip-nat-trace disable
set h323-direct-model enable
set default-voip-alg-mode kernel-helper-based
set gui-implicit-policy disable
set gui-voip-profile enable

Currently VoIP service is not operational between remote office due to this, traffic is passing on tunnels but SIP sessions looking not be linked as expected.

Can someone can let kmoe if maybe there is a command to force/reload VoIP profile be visible on firewall rules? Fortigates are operating on profile-based mode

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@francoma If your policy is in flow mode, try changing it to proxy mode and test.



Fortigate, VoIP

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Hi @carlosaleman ,


This worked, thank you so much for the help.


@francoma I'm glad to know it worked. Just to add a bit of background to the scenario, you can get more details about how the SIP ALG has changed in different versions in this link:

Fortigate, VoIP

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