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VPN significantly slowing down processes on PC and network

I'm not sure if this is the correct way to post about this but our company uses a VPN service through FortiClient Version We are having an issue that when connected to the VPN service our local PC processes (Windows Explorer, Notepad++, etc.) are significantly slower and take an increasingly long time to open. I've contacted my system administrator but he keeps dismissing it as not an issue. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. .

Hi Shigeo,


Thank you for raising the query!


I understand you are seeing the slowness on the user machine when connected to VPN.


+ Are you seeing the issue with all the Windows versions

+ Could you please confirm if you are using only a VPN or are you also using EMS, AV any other advanced VPN services, if so could you please check if there any updates happening in the backend once the VPN is connected


Please check the CPU utilization on the machine once connected to the VPN and you may check what is the process taking more resources after connecting to the VPN


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