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VOIP help

So, I am having the following issue:

I just recently had 2 offices merge in another state and when they brought over the VOIP devices they now have the following issues.

- Call will ring and someone will pick it up and it will keep ringing.

- Call will jump from one persons phone to another.

- Calls will constantly drop voice data (at a very specific time around 11am to 1pm est)

We have talked to our provider and they have claimed up and down that it is our network ( issue never happened until we merged these two office locations physically). I talked with some of their support and they asked for a pcap when the issue was happening, but now they are saying that the pcap does not contain "SIP or UTP" data. Is there any way to filter this on the FortiGate 60E?


Any Help is appreciated!


Hi @Crown_Services_Tech 


In order to understand the FortiGate role in the VOIP flow please help us with the below points:-

-- What is FortiOS version?

--Are you making an inbound call or an outbound call?

--What is the port used for communication?
--What is the protocol used? H323 or SIP
--Where is the location of the PBX?
--Is the communication over VPN or over the Internet?
--Is SDP payload NAT required in your setup?
--How is the RTP flow? Please provide a network diagram with the call flow information.


You can collect the sniffer logs on Fortigate using the below command:-

diag sniffer packet any 'host x.x.x.x' 6 0 l -----where x.x.x.x is the source IP of the phone you are making a call from

Direct pcap file of the sniffer can be collected from the GUI also





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Hello @Crown_Services_Tech 

From the above query description, I can understand that, you are facing issues with  Call getting transferred from one person's phone to another.


Thus, to verify the voltage, could you please share of below command:
#di de an voiced ha an





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Have you resolved it?

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What type of Voice system are you using?
have you tried setting a traffic shaper and enabled dscp?
Solved: 3CX VoIP issues - Resolved... - Fortinet Community

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Azure, Fortinet, 365, Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama....
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