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VLAN Client not getting DHCP Address

Hello All,

I have a Fortigate 60F connected to a Ubiquiti switch, using Ubiquiti Access Points. On the Ubiquiti, I have configured my main network (works without issue), as well as 2 VLANs. I am attempting to connect to one of those VLANs and it seems I can connect to the wireless part of it, but I can't get a DHCP address from either the Fortigate or from my Windows DHCP server when using the "Relay" mode on the Fortigate to assign the address.

There's no option on the Ubiquiti Cloud Controller to define a DHCP Server, so I am assuming that it just lets the client connect to another device that's on the same VLAN to request the DHCP response. However, that does not seem to be happening.

Until I can afford to go all Fortinet (hopefully in a few months) with a Fortigate, Fortiswitches, and FortiAPs, this is the configuration I have.
Has anyone else run into this? The network I am trying to connect on is a VLAN (guest network, testing so when people come over they are not on my main home domain). From what I can see in the logs, the request is sent, but the Fortigate doesn't seem to be sending that request anywhere, even if it's on the device itself.


Hi @jdsauer77 

First thing I'd do is set a static IP for my client in the right subnet and try ping my gateway.

If it works I'm in the right VLAN, otherwise something wrong somewhere at L2 level.


Hi @jdsauer77,


Can you make sure that the user is connected to the correct VLAN? You can also run DHCP debugs to see if FortiGate is receiving DHCP requests or not.




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