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Hi All,I just built a FortiManager VM on my Hyper-V server and I am unable to access the Web Interface. I have looked at similar issues, followed guides to add web services, verify https, ssh, ping, etc. are in the config for the port I'm using, yet ...
I have an FGT 60F at home and a friend has one at his home (total of 2). I want to play around and mess with SD-WAN, ADVPN, etc. between the two devices. Unfortunately, a license for FortiManager is way outside of my budget for something I'll just be...
Hello All,I have a Fortigate 60F connected to a Ubiquiti switch, using Ubiquiti Access Points. On the Ubiquiti, I have configured my main network (works without issue), as well as 2 VLANs. I am attempting to connect to one of those VLANs and it seems...
I know I setup some VLANs on my FG60F a while back, but when I look at the interfaces in the GUI, they don't show up. How can I view my VLANs either in the GUI or even command line?