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Upload multiple SSL certificates at once ?

Dear Forum, 


We recently upgraded to fortigate 7.0.1 firmware and we need to use it for SSL purposes for a large number of domain names.

SSL certificates have been already generated and our need is only to upload and configure them through the Fortigate interface.

The following modus operandi works wery well 




  • Prepare your primary and intermediate certificates
  • Copy and paste the contents of your primary and intermediate certificates into separate Notepad files and save them with .crt extension.
  • When copying the encrypted certificate text, don’t forget the BEGIN and END tags as well Log into your FortiGate dashboard Navigate to System > Certificates and select Import > Local Certificate Browse your primary certificate and click OK.
  • The status of your certificate should change from PENDING to OK Next, import your intermediate certificate. Go to System > Certificates and select Import > CA Certificate Browse your intermediate certificate and click OK.
  • You should see your intermediate CA in the CA Certificates list Now, click on VPN > SSL > Settings In the Connection Settings pane, under the Server Certificate drop-down menu, select the SSL certificate you’ve just installed and click Apply.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed an SSL certificate on FortiGate VPN system.[/ul]

    However, this will take a lot of time to secure all our domain names (more than 50).

    Is there a faster way to upload and configure several certificates at the same time?


    Thank you very much for your attention.


    Best regards,


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    Maybe the API but I haven't tried that. You could build a SubjectAlt and list all of the domainNames in the AltName field as a possible solution and specially if your signing your own public-certificates. We did that with entrust and previously with digitrust in a previous role and life.


    So we could stroke our own certificates and apply altNames as required and upload the single certificate into the fortigate.




    Ken Felix




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    Hi Ken,


    Thanks a lot for your helpful reply. 

    We actually find a way to upload multiple certificates through the fortigate API via Terraform. Or at least the API is able to allow this action.  

    The problem now is that it looks like we can assign only one certificate for VIP address and SNI mode seems not configurable. Do you think that the SAN is the only possible workaround? This latter option is a bit frustrating because we need to generate the certificate again in this case (we have already created 50 crt/key files, namely 1 for each hostname).


    Thanks again for your assistance and to everyone may help us.


    Best regards,



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