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problems installing laptops with Autopilot via Fortigate 81E

Hi All!


New here on this forum with a, for me, strange problem. We have a very basic configured Fortigate 81E (FortiOS 6.2.1) we use for project installations for customers (bulk install of devices). The problem is that devices installed via Autopilot whiteglove method, can't finish the installation. 


When we install laptops via autopilot but not with the Whiteglove procedure, everything works fine. 


We've made a autopilot VLAN, with no security or webfilters enabled. Yet I still had to add a list of allowed URL's to let it finish the first step (see attached picture). The URL i listed can be found on these websites



And these URLS for TPM: 

- Intel-  - Qualcomm-   - AMD-


Even after all this, the fortigate still blocks something but i cant find what it is. Nothing to see in the logs via Log & Report, nothing to find in the WIndows logs that point me in the right direction. When we try to install them on a different network, it works like a charm and finishes in minutes. I've spoken to a friend and he just finished an install on a fortigate network with fort Knox like security levels, without problems. 


Autopilot / intune uses HTTP and / or HTTPS as far as i can see. 


Anyone had similiar issues or know where i can look for more information on whats bein blocked? 


Big thanks in advance for anyone who can help!

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Problem solved! I had to whitelist a couple of more windows Update URL's ( and change the time on the device, somehow it doesnt sync with 


Im aware this is not a Microsoft support forum but since i've made a topic i thought it would be nice to give to solution for anyone facing the same problem. 

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Having the exact same problem. Two years later and there's no responses here...uh-oh!

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