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Upgrades FW Fortigate 30D and 30E from 5.6.13 to 6.x.x

Just to give my 15h experience of being that stupid to upgrade both from 5.6.13 to 6.0.X (30D) and 6.2.X (30E) in short words as possible:


--> <--


So, that was it. Now, both are back with 5.6.13, I am lacking 15h of my life time now, wasted (as I followed the upgrade path) and every thing is just as befor, downgraded (that was working quite well with a later config restore)


The 30D got attention, when the log files filled up for 95%, although, we talk about no traffic whatsoever and the 30E quitted in the night on me, blocking web access because of "Kernel enters memory conserve mode". How funny. So, for all out there, who wants to have new firmware, but no reason for it whatsoever: dont do it. I know, I know, I should have been more clever in the first place, it sometimes feels nice to have something new and pretty


You can try to delete the logs and then upgrade it,
execute log delete-all

If the above doesnot work, then flash format the device and upload 5.6.13 firmware and then the configuration and then upgrade it.

If still not working, then you can open a ticket.

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