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Just to give my 15h experience of being that stupid to upgrade both from 5.6.13 to 6.0.X (30D) and 6.2.X (30E) in short words as possible: --> <-- So, that was it. Now, both are back with 5.6.13, I am lacking 15h of my life time now, wasted (as I fol...
Hello! I would like to access the following url: But I would like to block all subfolders/subdirectories, like, etc. The site is https, I have a Fortigate 30d with latest 5.8 fw, webfilter...
Hello! I just wonder, if the fortiddns Service is free (for fortigate hardware) or bound to any contracts? It is still working although no contract. Thx. Regards,Steve
Hello! Quick questions for personal info: as I thought, acc. to datasheet, that IPsec on a Fortigate50b should be 5x times faster than the SSL VPN, I did manage to install IPSEC VPN. Unfortunately, both have the same speed. Mbit data is 15mbit both s...
Good Day! In my Fortigate 50b, with v4.0,build0656,130211 (MR3 Patch 12), I have enabled the blocking of certain website, in detail: some websites for Hbbtv and also some other sites. So. as I can see the number (not the sites!) in the Menu UTM Profi...
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