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Unable to view registered product on Forticloud

Dear All, I have a lot of Fortigate 60D that when I try to register from the dashboard the domain is only Japan and is impossible view into Forticloud account. There is away to change domain to Global or Europe?

Fortigate_House # get system status
Version: FortiGate-60D v6.0.11,build0387,200917 (GA)
Virus-DB: 83.00119(2021-01-07 08:20)
Extended DB: 1.00000(2018-04-09 18:07)
IPS-DB: 16.00992(2021-01-06 02:37)
IPS-ETDB: 0.00000(2001-01-01 00:00)
APP-DB: 16.00992(2021-01-06 02:37)
INDUSTRIAL-DB: 16.00992(2021-01-06 02:37)
IPS Malicious URL Database: 2.00882(2021-01-07 06:01)
Botnet DB: 4.00673(2020-12-30 20:25)
BIOS version: 04000024
System Part-Number: P14482-03
Log hard disk: Not available
Hostname: Fortigate_House
Operation Mode: NAT
Current virtual domain: root
Max number of virtual domains: 10
Virtual domains status: 1 in NAT mode, 0 in TP mode
Virtual domain configuration: disable
FIPS-CC mode: disable
Current HA mode: standalone
Branch point: 0387
Release Version Information: GA
System time: Thu Jan  7 23:57:20 2021

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