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Trafic Shaping

Hola: Alguien quiere intercambiar conceptos sobre shaping sobre fortinet? daniel
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Traffic Shaping is a powerful feature and a subject of interest of many Fortinet users (you can see it by number of hits to your post). Unfortunetly exept of FortiGate developers themselves nobody exactly knows how it is implemented and works on a FortiGate, because there are no publicly available Fortinet documents to shed light on it. By the way, the language of the forums is English. So if you want people to help you or, at least, to participate in discussion you have to follow the explicit/implicit rules. VA
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Hello: Sorry, my english is very bad. This is the problem, no samples or no exist documents what related the implementation of this powerful feature. My problem is the implementation of policy what permit the maximun perfomance the TELNET or SSH protocol over any other, because this protocols are very thin...
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What do you want to know ?
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I backup Danimu in this matter as well, in my case I am familiar with traffic shaping technologies, but since FortiOS has a simple interface for configuration, the configuration procedures could be ambiguos. I have this scenario: a Forti-Gate 50A between a customer and a local loop fiber optic provider for Internet (They give 100 Megs, but I want shape the outbound overall traffic to 1M only using the traffic shaping feature, I' ve been running different test and so far I haven' t been successful in this, any ideay? regards ..