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Traffic Shaping outbandwidth Speedtest



Context : I have internet connexion where upload varies according to the time of day. I use an Outbound shaping profile to manage my connexion with the Outbound bandwidth. The upload speed can burst to max the double of the normal speed.

I would like to know if it is possible to fill up the "Outbound bandwidth" using the SpeedTest functionality of the Fortigate, using a schedule. I saw the documentation here ( but I am mot sur that this will populate the "Outbound bandwidth" in the Traffic Shaping setup of my wanx.


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Hi @Ambush4261,


I don't think the schedule speed test will update the traffic shaping bandwidth. 



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The speed testing functionality on FortiGate allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection, but it does not affect outbound bandwidth management through the traffic shaping profile.
To control the outgoing band, you need to configure the appropriate settings for this profile, including setting the maximum speed, latency and other parameters, depending on your needs.
The speed test mentioned in your link is useful for monitoring the current speed of your internet connection, but is not a tool for managing outgoing bandwidth.

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it would be great to be able to update the outbound speed of the interface shaping profile to make it dynamic...

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In this article it says :


"Using speed test results with traffic shaping

The interface speed test can be used to populate the bandwidth values based on the results."


Is it possible to use Automation and a script with trigger and action to get the value from the field "measured-upstream-bandwidth" to automaticly populate "outbandwidth", for example, every 15min.



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