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Traffic shaper BW utilisation

Hi group,

Got a questions whcih I can't figure out / found information.. 


Let say I apply a shaper that has a shared max BW utilization of 10Mbps to a shaping policy for inbound/outbound traffic; Does the 10Mbps, is it a 10Mbps BW utilization combine for in/out ? or I should be able to to 10Mbps ingress and 10Mbps egress on that same shaping policy fw rule?


I mean should I create a shaper for ingress traffic and another one for egress traffic ? 





They're independent. That's why shaping-policy settings have directional commands:

  set traffic-shaper <shaper_name>

  set traffic-shaper-reverse <shaper_name>

You can of course use the same shaper on both directions though, which we do especially for VoIP traffic. It's generally symmetric.


Well that's my point, I understand that shaping policy have directional command, but if I apply the same shaper to both direction it wasn't clear if the max bw would be overall to both direction or it would be applied to once for each direct



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